Mitcham venue

We train at our Mitcham venue on Tuesday nights, 7pm-9pm.
A new Monday night session for women will begin on March 8th, 7-8:30pm.
We train most weeks of the year, except for a Christmas break from mid-December to mid-January.

Tuesday training begins at 7pm for all fencers.  There is a junior class for U13 fencers which finishes at 8:30pm (1 hour group class, followed by piste practice).  The rest of the fencing squad warm-up and do footwork drills starting at 7pm.  These are followed by group drills, free-fencing practice and individual lessons. At the moment this session is predominately sabre fencing.

Visitors are welcome, there is a visitor fee of $25.  Visitors must be affiliated with their state or national fencing association.  Equipment is available for hire if required.
Based in the city of Whitehorse, we can be found training at:
494 Whitehorse Road (Maroondah Hwy)
The school carpark is entered via the west-bound service lane, enter via Elizabeth street.  You can park anywhere on the asphalt – go to the left of the main gate toward the tennis courts to find us.
The hall is upstairs in the building nearest the train station, use the door near the tennis courts and the stairs inside the glass doors.  All exterior stairs are emergency exits only.

Coaching is provided by Lisa Lagergren, a level 1 foil, sabre and epee coach, with Working with Children check and Level 2 First Aid.

The Sabre Squad trains with Tim Davis, a level 1 sabre coach with Working with Children check and Level 2 First Aid.

Individual lessons are available at standard rates.  Beginners are welcome at the start of each term, and should consider joining one of our regular Beginner Classes.

0450 556 330