Equipment for Competitions

When you first start in competitions, you can borrow equipment from the club. However the electric kit may be in short supply so we encourage all members to buy their own as soon as practical.

The requirements vary between competitions, so think about what your competition plans for the next couple of years are before deciding what to purchase. If traveling interstate or overseas, make sure you check what equipment will be required.

The Shopping List

Chest protector (if applicable)
Bodywires (at least 2)
Maskwires (2, for sabre only)
Lame’ Jacket (sabre only)
Weapons (at least 2)
Bag to carry it all

State Competitions

State competitions are divided into Category 1, and Category 2 competitions.
Category 1 includes all Open events, U15/U17/U20 events, and all National events.
Category 2 includes U9/U11/U13 events, B-grade, Novice, and Veterans events.

Any Under 11 fencers must have a size 0-3 weapon
Under 9 fencers must have a size 0 weapons
Size 5 blades are used for all age categories U13 and above
Competitors are required to have at least one spare blade and body wire next to the strip while fencing.

Category 1

FIE 800N Fencing Jacket 
800N Underplastron 
800Nm Fencing Breeches; long socks (at least to the knee, and pulled up)
Glove (At Sabre – FIE 800N glove) 
FIE Approved Mask 
Plastic chest protector/breast protectors (women only)

Category 2

Minimum 350N Jacket and 350N Underplastron 
Sturdy tracksuit pants or other long pants may be worn instead of fencing breeches.  
– No shorts or 3/4 length pants are allowed and NO leggings. Long socks are required and must be pulled up.  
Minimum 350N mask.
– If a Leon Paul “velcro” type mask is used, the secondary security strap MUST be attached and used correctly.
Plastic chest protector/breast protectors (Women, and children under 12) 

The basic premise is that there should be no bare skin apart from the non-weapon hand and sturdy protection is to be provided by clothing. 

Minime Circuit

eg: Koala Cup, JDC

  1. U8 – U14 Fencers must wear 800N under-plastrons
  2. U8 – U14 Girls must wear plastic chest protectors in all weapons
  3. U8 – U14 Boy’s epee must wear plastic chest protectors
  4. U8 – U12 Clothing – Mask, jacket and breaches can be 350N or 800N (fencers can wear strong tracksuit pants)
  5. U14 Clothing must wear full whites (including long socks). Jacket, breaches and mask can be 350N or 800N
  6. U8 – U10 Fencers must use blade size 0 – 3 weapons (foil, epee and sabre)
  7. U12 – U14 Fencers can use any size blade size 0- 5 weapon (foil, epee and sabre)
  8. ALL Masks must have double strap