Women in Fencing 2017

Date: Sunday October 8th 2017

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Place: Sportlink, 2 Hanover St, Vermont South

RSVP: Please register by Sept 30th for catering

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Womens Fencing Day Flyer

Who is it for?

  • Current fencers
  • Former fencers
  • Prospective fencers
  • Friends and Relatives of fencers
  • Referees, coaches and club administrators
  • Any other women with an interest in the sport

What is Happening?

  • Guest Speakers, with audience Q&A
  • Fencing session, meet other women and girls in fencing, exchange ideas and feedback
  • Fencing Have-a-Go, for those who want to find out what it’s all about
  • Coaches and Administrators discussion forum
  • Trading Post, advertise kit you want to sell/swap or give away, services and club events
  • Afternoon tea provided, catch up on the latest in the fencing community
  • Door Prize & Raffle, donations welcome.

This Girl Can

The very successful “This Girl Can” campaign is coming to Victoria!  We’ll be encouraging everyone to share their fencing stories with the campaign (and increase the chances of fencing being one of the featured sports!) with a spot set up just for recording your video for upload.


  • What’s your favourite way to get active and why do you like it?
  • Tell us about a moment when you thought “I don’t give a damn – I’m doing it anyway!”
  • What does your inner voice say to help you get out there and give it a go?
  • What would you say to inspire other women to get active?

VicHealth Campaign
This Girl Can website

Guest Speakers

Evelyn Halls

One of our speakers from last year, we are pleased to have Evelyn back again – now as AFF president, an executive of the AOC, and member of the FIE Women and Fencing Council.
Evelyn Halls began fencing at the age of 10.  She wasn’t particularly interested in fencing, but her sister was and they needed an extra person for the classes to go ahead.
While it wasn’t love at first stab, over 30 years later she is still an active international competitor in Women’s Epee.  She represented Australia at 2 Olympic Games in 2000 and 2004.

Wall Street Journal Article
Magazine Interview
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Emily Marotta

2015 Pre-Olympics Article
2017 Asian Champs Article

Vici Wilks

Vici started fencing when she was 18, in her 1st year at Sydney University.  She did 3 years of foil and then quit fencing.

A few years later Vici took up Modern Pentathlon and epee and was coached by John Fethers. She competed at 8 consecutive world championships for pentathlon with best results of 14th and 16th. During this time she also competed in world championships in epee, including the first unofficial women’s world champs in Orleans and the first official world champs in Lyon.

Vici started fencing again in 1999 after her daughter was born as a way of keeping active. She won a veterans world title in 2010 in epee and in 2014 in modern pentathlon under the coaching of Nic Mihailescu.

Vici says that, “Speaking generally, I find that the more active I am the happier I am.”
“I believe in sport as a vital public health initiative.”