Why Compete?

Fencing competitions are an important step for beginning fencers to test their skills ‘in the heat of battle’ and have a true appreciation for how far they have come and what they must work on to progress.

Competitions provide an experience where the bout ‘matters’ more than in training and where fencers must use strategy and technique against individuals they have never fenced before.
It is difficult to genuinely advance your fencing without regularly testing your skills in competition.

Planning to enter a competition provides a goal for your training. Knowing why you are training and trying to improve often helps fencers focus and achieve more from their training sessions.

Competitions are a great way to meet other fencers and fence more people. While some people are highly focused on winning their bouts, a competition can also be great fun and a very social occasion for others.

The important thing to remember is that it truly isn’t all about winning. Only one person can win each competition, there are no draws in fencing. Have the other 10, 20, or 100 fencers all wasted their time showing up?  Of course not, everyone will gain something from the experience, and the more fencers who enter the greater the experience is for everyone. 

Fencing is primarily an individual sport, you will be pursuing your own personal goals. Competition is merely a tool to help you achieve those goals.