Easter Wrap-Up

It has been a busy start to the year – a big thank you to all the people who helped with our many activities!

There will be no fencing on:
Thursday March 24th
Saturday March 26th
Tuesday March 29th
Saturday April 23rd

Looking ahead, here are some things to think about for term 2:

Referee Course.  This is being run by Fencing Victoria on Sunday April 3rd.  It is free for our members to go, if you have been fencing for at least a year we highly recommend going and learning more about the rules of the sport!

Coaching Course.  The Level 0 course is being run with funds we received from a grant, so again is free for our members to attend.  Please sign up if you have any interest in learning how to teach fencing to others.  Level 0 is not often run, it may be a long time until you get another chance.

Club Merchandise.  Our new club jackets and t-shirts have been collected and will be available at the next fencing session on April 2nd!

Olinda Epee Class.  An Epee class will run at Olinda from Thursday April 14th.  You can sign up for just the class without needing to be a full member of the club.  Beginners welcome.

Competitions.  There are many competitions coming up in the next few months, check the FV calendar for details: http://www.sportingpulse.com/get_file.cgi?id=35707778