School Holiday Clinic

When: Wednesday July 12th

Where: Vermont South Sportlink

All equipment provided, just come dressed for sport if you don’t have your own fencing kit.  Please RSVP as soon as possible to ensure sufficient equipment is available.

New Fencers:

10am – 11am : U12 Swordplay

Learn the basics of fencing using foam weapons and fun games.  Suitable for kids with no prior fencing experience.  $5 per person

11:30 – 12:30 :  Sabre Fencing

For ages 10+, learn to fence with the sabre.  If you’re keen, join us again after lunch to test your new skills using electric scoring equipment.  Suitable for older kids and teens with little or no prior fencing experience.  $10 per person

1pm – 2pm : Competition Sabre Fencing

Suitable for anyone who has at least held a sabre sometime today and knows which end is which.  Step onto the electric pistes and see how it feels to fight under pressure.  $10 per person.

Current Fencers:

10am – 11am : Footwork Frenzy

Put some effort into improving and making the most of this vital aspect of your fencing game.

11:30 – 12:30 :  Practice Makes Perfect

Add some bladework to your amazing footwork in these drills and watch your opponents flee in terror (maybe).

1pm – 2pm : Competition Fencing

Step onto the electric pistes and see how many bouts you can complete in an hour.  Keep a record of your stats – there may be prizes.

Cost is just $25!

The main focus is likely to be sabre, but we will happily provide for foil and epee as well.