Current club Merchandise can be purchased online from Spayt Merchandise:


Fencing equipment is available from Fencing Imports Australia located in Box Hill North.


Equipment is also available fairly quickly from Leon Paul but note that shipping can be quite pricey and it is better value to purchase a few items at once (or pool your order with someone else from the club).



We have fencing gloves, the blue ones are size 8 only, the brown ones are sizes 7 to 9.5.  Sizes are on the small side, so you may require a half size larger than you usually wear.  There is also a small selection of mostly larger sizes available in black & grey.
Sizes still in stock:
– Left-handed – 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10
– Right-handed – 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10
Cost: $20

Club Socks

Sold Out!
We will get more when we can!
Knee-high socks with the club logo on them, great for fencing in.
Cost: N/A

Water Bottles

Sold Out!

2016 Black Jackets

Kids: 12
Women’s: M
Mens: S
Mens Hoodie: S, M, L
Cost: $70

Polar Fleece Jacket

Red, with the logo and back design embroidered in white.  They are generously sized, you may be a size smaller than your usual.  These are a high quality mid-weight polar fleece jacket, with pockets and full-length zip.  Perfect for wearing over your club t-shirt before and after fencing during cold Melbourne weather.  Available in mens, womens and kids sizes for the perfect fit.
Sizes available:
– Mens: S (two remaining)
– Womens: 10 , 12  (one of each)
Cost: $50

Club Towels

Red, with the logo embroidered in one corner.  37cm * 60cm, 500gm2, 100% cotton terry sports towel.
Why do you need a towel for fencing?
– Everyone will think you’re a serious fencer who knows where their towel is
– Cleaning up after you spill your water bottle
– Drying off after a post-comp shower
– Sit on it for stretching when the competition venue floor looks dodgy
– Rub your blade with it to warm up prior to straightening
– Use as a table while fixing your weapon so you don’t lose the small bits
– Wipe the dust off your shoes to improve your grip on the piste
– Wiping out your sweaty mask
– Wiping the perspiration from your browYou might want to change the order you do those things – or buy more than one towel!
Cost: $10 each