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Article in the Leader Community ePaper Whitehorse Leader Monday, 18 Aug 2014

People flock to fencing club in épée proportions

IF YOU step into the Nunawading Community Centre on a Saturday morning, you had better be en garde.

Whitehorse Fencing Club members Tim Davis and David Cook enjoy the challenge of the sport.

Each week, members of the Whitehorse Chevaliers Fencing Club can be found practising their moves.Since forming the club four years ago, president Lisa Lagergren said she had received a good response from players and other people interested in taking up the sport.“It’s very physically active and very tactical, and once you get the hang of the basic moves it still keeps you busy for a lifetime,” Ms Lagergren said.

The club is attracting plenty of success, with members including David Cook and Tim Davis among those to win medals this year.

Cook, who has been fencing for more than 20 years, is the No.2 ranked veteran in Australia. He said he enjoyed the physical and mental challenge of fencing.

Davis, who has been competing for two years, said he had been excited to win a bronze medal in the Schools League Epee in May.

“I enjoy the amount of mental work that goes into it,” Davis said.

The club also runs classes for beginners and juniors.


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