Policies and forms

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Club Forms


The Whitehorse Chevaliers have adopted the following standard policies as provided by Fencing Victoria:
Member Protection Policy (Fencing Victoria link – Harassment Free and Anti-Discrimination Policies)


All active club members must be affiliated with Fencing Victoria.  To affiliate online or upgrade to full Fencing Victoria affiliation, visit their website:  Fencing Victoria Affiliation Information


The club’s annual membership fee falls due in January each year.  To be eligible for renewal discounts, members must pay the membership fee before participating in their first training session for the year, and no later than Jan 30th.
Session fees are charged per-term, and are non-refundable.  These cover class coaching and piste use.  Payment must be paid before the end of the first week of term.
More information is available on the Membership page.


Visitors are welcome at all club sessions, however, fencers must be affiliated with their state or national fencing association.  Visitor fees apply.
Frequent visitors (more than 5 visits per year) will be asked to become a club member by paying the annual fee, but are welcome to continue paying visitor fees as needed.


Club Equipment
A limited amount of club equipment is available for shared use at the club, but members are expected to provide their own within a reasonable time frame.  New members can use kit for free for their first term at the club, after which a small hire fee applies.
All equipment used at the club must conform to minimum safety standards.


The club provides assistance to members wishing to attain coaching or referee qualifications.  Please contact us for more information on how we can help.
Club members can also request a free development plan at the start of each year from the class or head coach.
We support members interested in pursuing competition success to attend the State Sabre or State Epee Squads.


Safety Reminders
All fencers must follow current safety standards and wear appropriate clothing.  This includes:
– No fencing in shorts, the legs must be covered.
– If not wearing fencing breeches, ensure that your pants do not have any pockets/buckles/straps/etc. that a blade could catch and break on.
– Wear appropriate footwear.
– Always wear a mask when fencing and keep weapons pointed at the floor when not fencing.
– Keep equipment tidy and out of the way when not in use.
– During fencing bouts, stay clear of both the fencers and the referee.  Keep your kit at the ends of the piste.