Coaching and classes

Our coaches provide instruction in both group classes and individual lessons.  Check our group classes page for more information on those, and contact coaches directly if you would like individual lessons.
Lessons can be bulk purchased upfront.  Depending on time constraints, sometimes it is possible to request a lesson on the day, but it is usually a good idea to book your lesson in advance.  Please make sure that you are ready to start your lesson as soon as you are called up.

Junior fencers are recommended to start in an appropriate junior class, and then supplement the class with short individual lessons once they have mastered the basics.  Our junior classes have some overlap and flexibility in age groups, so that young fencers have the option to fence at more than one class and at an appropriate skill level.
All coaches are fully qualified, affiliated with Fencing Victoria, and have Working With Children Checks.

Lisa Lagergren Head Coach, Foil, Epee, Sabre
Lisa specialises in sabre, and in coaching beginners and novices.  Lessons are available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, but time slots are very limited.
Phone 0450 556 330, e-mail

Ioanna Mihailescu &
Viki Wilks 

Epee Coaches for the Saturday Epee Squad. Viki is an accomplished pentathlete and experienced epee coach. Ioanna is an accomplished national level epee fencer.

Lindsay Mitcham
Level 1 Epee & Sabre Coach. Lindsay runs the Epee group on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Swordcraft and Junior Sabre Squad on Saturdays.

Hans-William Cheung
Level 1 Sabre Coach. Hans has been competing at a national level, and coaching for 3 years now. He provides group coaching on Saturdays and Tuesdays, as well as individual lessons.

Cathi Walker
Level 1 Sabre Coach. Cathi runs the women’s sabre group on Mondays and the adult group class on Saturdays.

Brennan Lockett
Level 1 Epee Coach. Brennan runs our Epee classes at Olinda, assisted by Chris Betts.

Tim Davis
Level 1 Sabre Coach. Tim provides individual coaching and runs the HPP sabre group on Tuesdays.

Jenny Shaw
Sabre Coach, Jenny provides Beginner group and individual coaching.

Masato Niizeki
Sabre Coach, Masato provides Beginner group and individual coaching. 

Sofya Barasheva
Epee Coach, Sofya is an active Veteran fencer and an assistant coach on Monday nights and Saturday mornings. 

Oscar McNamara
Level 1 Sabre Coach, Oscar is an assistant coach on Friday nights and Saturday mornings.

Junior classes

Our Junior Classes are age-based group classes for ages around 6-12.  These classes are kept small and focus on building basic fencing skills and providing the fencers with a fun and enjoyable start in the sport. Where numbers permit, we split the group into SwordPlay (aprox. ages 6-9) and SwordCraft (aprox. ages 9-12). There is … Continue reading Junior classes

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