Prospective Members

Ready to Fence?

Whether you’re thinking of trying fencing for the first time, or an existing fencer looking for a club to join, we would love you to drop in to one of our training sessions and see what we’re all about.

Pick up a  2018 Info Pack and membership forms from our Membership page.

We also have a number of special events and classes planned to help beginners get started.  Check the dates below.

New to Fencing? Have a Go!

Term 1 Classes for Beginners

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a beginner and want to fence on Saturdays in term 1, make sure you get to a training session by Saturday 9th February! After this date we will not be accepting more beginners to the Saturday session until April.

Saturdays in Nunawading From Feb 2nd:
9:30am-10:30am, (ages 7-10) Swordplay Sabre
9:30am-10:30am, (ages 10+) Novice Sabre, followed by joining the open training.

Tuesdays in Mitcham From Jan 22nd:
7pm-8pm, Junior Training.  Suitable for anyone who isn’t allowed to stay up as late as 9pm (aprox ages 7-11). Beginners welcome any time.
7pm-9pm, (ages 10+) Sabre Squad, separate beginners class starts 8pm if numbers permit.

Thursdays in Mitcham From Feb 7th:
4:30pm- 5:30pm, (ages 7-12) After-School Class.

Thursdays in Olinda From Jan 31st:
6pm– Junior Epee
7pm – Senior Epee
Beginners aged 9+ welcome at any time!


School Holiday Activities

Stay Tuned for Easter Holiday activities!