Prospective Members

Ready to Fence?

Whether you’re thinking of trying fencing for the first time, or an existing fencer looking for a club to join, we would love you to drop in to one of our training sessions and see what we’re all about.

Pick up a  2018 Info Pack and membership forms from our Membership page.

We also have a number of special events and classes planned to help beginners get started.  Check the dates below.

New to Fencing? Have a Go!

This Girl Can Week  (March 18-24)

We are running 2 special sessions for This Girl Can Week!  These are free for women of all ages, beginners are most welcome and we provide all the equipment.

Tuesday March 19th, 7pm-8pm
“Mums and Kids Session”
494, Whitehorse Road Mitcham

It can be hard to get out for sport when you have kids to look after.  Our Tuesday session has kids and adult classes running alongside each other so the whole family can enjoy a little swordplay!
For this session, Mums and kids will fence in the same group and encourage each other.  We recommend the kids be aged at least 7 if they want to sign up for a class, but Mums can be any age.

Saturday March 23rd, 10:30am-11:30am
“Come and Try Fencing”
Nunawading Community Centre

This session is suitable for women and girls of all ages.  Come and join us for an introduction to the sport, you are also welcome to stay and try your new skills on the fencing piste after the class!
Our Saturday classes are also family friendly, with kids and the adult novice classes running side-by-side from 9:30am.

Term 2 Classes for Beginners

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a beginner, please make sure you get to a training session by Saturday 4th May! After this date we will not be accepting more beginners until the end of June.

Saturdays in Nunawading From April 27th:
9:30am-10:30am, (ages 7-10) Swordplay Sabre
9:30am-10:30am, (ages 10+) Novice Sabre, followed by joining the open training.

Tuesdays in Mitcham From April 23rd:
7pm-8pm, Junior Training.  Suitable for anyone who isn’t allowed to stay up as late as 9pm (aprox ages 7-11). Beginners welcome first 2 weeks of term.
7pm-9pm, (ages 10+) Sabre Squad, separate beginners class starts 8pm if numbers permit.

Thursdays in Mitcham From May 2nd:
4:30pm- 5:30pm, (ages 7-12) After-School Class.

Thursdays in Olinda From May 2nd:
6pm– Junior Epee
7pm – Senior Epee
Beginners aged 9+ welcome at any time!


School Holiday Activities

Sorry, no holiday activities during Easter.  We will organise some sessions for July.