Whitehorse Chevaliers encourage our club members to compete in local, state and national competitions.

Competitions are a great way to fence new people, experience different fencing styles, and to learn a lot more about your fencing strengths and weaknesses.  They provide a goal for your training, and a chance to measure your progress in the sport.

It can be scary to compete outside the club for the first time, but if you choose the right competition then you will be fencing others at a similar skill level, and to perform beyond your expectations and win a medal is exhilarating.

The club supports our youngest fencers at recommended competitions with equipment and coaching at the event.  Older fencers are supported by their team-mates, and can hire some kit if required from the club.

We also run friendly competitions at club training sessions near the end of each term to help young fencers gain experience.  Fencers from other clubs are welcome to join us for these.