Fencing – How To Get Started

New to fencing and not sure where to start?  We have many options to suit different requirements and preferences.
Prospective members are welcome to visit a training session at any time, and discuss which option(s) are best for you.

The club provides equipment for beginner fencers, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get started.  You can find the price list and schedule here.

Looking for a family activity?  Kids and Adults can train at the same time, even fence against each other if they want to.  Non-fencing family members are also welcome at our venues, younger siblings often enjoy joining in with warm-up games.
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Nunawading & Mitcham

If you’re aged under 11, then we recommend starting in either our Saturday Swordplay class, or the After-School class on Thursday afternoons.  These both provide a fun introduction to the sport and welcome beginners at any time.
When you feel ready, you can progress to more advanced classes and/or book private lessons to accelerate your progress and prepare for competition.

Ages 10-16
We run two competition classes on Saturdays, foil and sabre, however you will need to know the basics before you can join them.  You can do this by joining one of our scheduled Novice Skills or Beginner Classes, or by taking a few private lessons to bring you up to speed.
It is usually possible to book 3 or 4 lessons in the break between terms, which is enough for you to join in with your choice of class at the start of the new term.
Alternatively, our After-School class on Thursdays is also suitable and welcomes beginners at any time.

Teens and Adults
We run regular Novice Skills classes subject to demand, and schedule Beginner Courses at least twice a year.  These are the best places to get started.  Alternatively, private lessons are a good option at all stages of fencing and can be bulk-purchased up front.

Our next beginner classes will run in Mitcham on Tuesday nights from July 12th, 7:30-8:30pm, and Thursday nights from July 14th, 8pm-9pm.
Each course will run for 6 weeks before being replaced by ongoing Novice Skills sessions.
Take out our Beginner package for $200, then you can practice at *both* sessions and get 5 individual lessons as well for just $200.


Olinda welcomes beginners of all ages 10+ at any time.  No need to wait, come and have a chat to the coach then get your first lesson straight away.