Return To Sport

Fencing is set to return, but with a few changes to the way things work.

As always, we remain committed to supporting our members and keeping the financial barrier to entry in our sport as low as possible. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, or find anything in the new procedures to be a problem, please talk to us!

Start Dates

Mitcham – Tuesday June 23rd, 7pm-9pm.
Nunawading – Saturday June 27th, 10am-12pm
Olinda – Term 3 July 16th, TBC

Note that we are starting with holiday timetable. Regular classes resume in Term 3.

Membership Payments

Membership payments will resume from July / Q3.
All members are welcome to join the two June sessions at no charge (but remember to tell us you are coming!)

Members who pay annually will be contacted by the treasurer to discuss reimbursement for Q2.

Limits on Class Sizes

Initially we are limited to groups of 10, and a maximum of 20 people in the venue.

We don’t expect this to be an issue during the first few weeks, but to make sure no one is left out in the cold we will be asking fencers to pre-register online.
Arrangements for Term 3 will be confirmed closer to time.

This is the sign up link for Tuesday night sabre

This is the link for Saturday morning epee and sabre:

We also ask parents not to stay in the venue during classes if possible. Again, we know most of you appreciate the chance to grab a coffee or do some shopping while the kids fence, so this shouldn’t too hard to achieve.

There will social distancing and cleaning procedures, which the coaches will walk you through when you arrive at the venue.

Equipment – No Sharing!

Our biggest change for the post-COVID era is that we can no longer allow sharing of masks, jackets and gloves. It is recommended that all fencers purchase their own complete set of kit.
Club masks, jackets and gloves will be made available for hire for those who cannot purchase their own, but sizes and quantity are limited. We will also do our best to source 2nd hand equipment for people.

We will continue to provide chest plates, bodywires, and weapons. They will need to be cleaned after use, by the person who used them. Cleaning supplies and hand sanitiser will be provided.

The coaches kit will be reserved for use by Beginners, and no longer available for casual use. We will only be able to cater for beginners at specified beginner sessions, so that borrowed kit can be monitored and cleaned appropriately.
(Sorry, no bring-a-friend days for a while!)

Club Merchandise

Need to update your wardrobe?
We are putting in a clothing order, so send in your orders for Hoodies, Jackets, T-shirts etc for delivery at fencing.
We also have shiny new water bottles for sale!

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